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Koster Bale Probe 24" (Drill Not Included)

Koster Bale Probe, which comes in two sizes 24" & 36", you won't find a better probe on the market today.

Start getting samples quickly, Attach your 1/2"cordless drill, penetrate any forage for samples, the clean-out rod pushes up to 20 hay probe core samples into a 1-gallon zip-lock which is suspended from our see thru collection container into a plastic zip lock bag.


Available in 24" and 36"Lengths


(Overall Length)

18 in. cutting depth


(Overall Length)

30 in cutting depth




The Koster Bale Probe Sampler is the only Hay & Forage Probe you will ever need. Highly recommended for the fast and convenient collection of bale samples for testing purposes.

Attach your Cordless or corded 1/2" Drill for Penetrating Action. Collect hay samples easily and prevent contamination from handling. Attach drill, cut thru forage, cleanout rod pushes up to 20 hay core samples into a 1-gallon standard zip-lock bags which are suspended from our see-thru collection container.

Animal ration balancing requires a forage analysis. Proper hay & forage analysis requires taking a good forage sample. Taking a good sample requires a bale probe. The Koster Bale Probe allows recommended 5/8" samples of chopped forage to be gathered quickly and easily without contamination from handling.


Hay Probe Sampling Procedure: Care should be taken when sampling hay. Samples should be uniformly obtained from several bales (10 bales minimum) throughout each sampling lot. Avoid sampling only one or two areas in the lot. Each sampling lot should be defined by date baled, cutting, forage type and pasture, and owner or farm name. Indicate if the hay was rained on while curing. Any significant event that could cause changes in forage quality would be reason for separating those samples into a different lot. For a large sampling lot (more than 50 bales), it is advisable to gather several hay samples for analysis.

Balage: Drill to the full depth of the hay probe in at least 12 random locations throughout the wrapped bales. Use the cleanout rod to simply push the sample into the baggie. When finished tape the 1" holes in the balage made from the sampler.

Handling: The handling of the hay sample is important to get accurate results. The sample cannot be exposed to air, as it will lose moisture. Samples left in the sunlight usually will have the moisture condensation on the plastic bag. Poorly sealed samples will lose fines or a portion of the sample. All of the above will effect the results. Care should be taken to keep samples in a cool location and packed securely to prevent sample spillage. Be sure that identification is secure and is written with a marking pen that is water proof. Shipping containers should be the correct size to prevent excessive movement. Zip lock bags need to be packed securely. Do not hold samples for an extended time. This just adds to the possibility of errors.



Terms & Conditions

Koster Bale Probe

Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. maintains an extensive warehouse of finished product and will usually be able to ship orders within 24-48 hours of receipt. Prices shown on this page are FOB Brunswick, Ohio. Products are shipped UPS, shipping is added to the invoice unless otherwise specified. International orders are subject to a taxes and duties charge by customs, which Koster Moisture Tester is not responsible for. Terms of sale are check in advance, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Prices and products shown in this price list are subject to change without notice.

Custom manufactured orders require a 50% deposit at the time of order placement. Custom order items are non-returnable.

Unused products returned to Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. for credit will be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.

Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. does not guarantee safe delivery. The responsibility of damage in transit is the carrier's, whether it be visible or concealed. Inspect shipments immediately and insist that visible damages be indicated on your copy of the freight bill. Open shipments immediately and inspect them for concealed damage. In case of damage, notify the delivering carrier immediately, requesting that an inspection be made. Confirm all telephone requests in writing and keep records. Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. has taken every precaution to ensure a safe delivery, but our responsibility ceased when we turned the shipment over to the carrier. You, our customer, must make all claims for damage immediately to the carrier.


Limited Warranty for Koster Bale Probe Sampling Equipment

Products manufactured by Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. (Brunswick, Ohio) are warranted, under normal and intended use, to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase under the following conditions: 

Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of part or parts, which are determined to be defective through inspection and evaluation at Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. by Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. staff or a representative designated by Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. Additionally, this warranty is rendered null and void if the product is found to have been damaged due to misuse or has come in contact with any unforeseen obstacles in the field that the equipment was not intended to handle. 

Shipping to and from Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. ( Brunswick, Ohio), of all products returned for repair and/or replacement will be the responsibility of the Buyer unless the Buyer and Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. otherwise agree in writing.  

Equipment sold by, but not manufactured by Koster Moisture Tester, Inc., is covered by each individual manufacturer and is not covered under its Koster Moisture Tester, Inc. warranty. In no event or circumstance will Koster Moisture Tester, Inc., Inc., or its representative be liable for injury, damage, or loss, direct or consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special, arising out of the use or inability to use equipment sold by Koster Moisture Tester, Inc., Inc. All liability and risk is assumed by the Buyer from the time of delivery. The Buyer will be solely responsible for used and suitability of equipment for intended use.




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