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. Gently place and measure 100g of sample material into specimen container. For

cotton or hay use 10g to allow for ventilation during drying process.

5 Spread material evenly in specimen container.

6. Place specimen container on evaporation unit.

7. Plug in cord of evaporation unit into 110 volt A.C. current to turn on unit.

9. Dry sample for 30 minutes or established drying time. Then place the sample

Onto the digital scale and record the new weight.

10. Return the sample and dry for another 10 minutes.

Place the sample onto the scale and record the second reading measurement. Repeat this step until no change in measurement.

11. The final material weight represents the dry matter. The change in weight

represents the moisture content of the original sample. For example:

Beginning Weight = 100g 10.0g

End Weight = 87.4g 8.7g

Moisture Content = 12.6% 13%

12. Add all the time intervals together to establish the typical drying time for the

material being measured.

The KosterMoisture Tester determines moisture by using a faster version of

the Oven Drying Method as recommended by the USDA for crops.

The typical time for testing some of the most popular crops is as follows:

Typical Drying Typical Moisture Content Crop

Time (minutes) for Safe Storage*

Corn 80 15% or less

Corn (ensilage)30 60 to 65%

Wheat/Barley 30 15% or less

Hay (10 grams) 25 25% or less

Silage/Haylage 25 40 to 60%

Oats20 15% or less

Rye 2515% or less

Cotton (seed, 10g) 907.5% or less

Cotton (lint, 10g) 207.5% or less

Herbs 30-60+ as desired

Rice 80 14% or less

Peanuts (shelled) 60 10% or less

* Extended storage times may require lower moisture levels, please consult your local agricultural agent for your specific crop.

Many factors including temperature, humidity and variety of crop affect the time required to evaporate moisture and consequently the time required to make a moisture test. We recommend that you establish the drying times for the particular crops you harvest within your area.

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