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Koster Moisture Tester KMT-420
for Cannabis Growers
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Introducing a new moisture tester developed specifically for Cannabis Growers...The KMT-420 which features a heating structure to maximize your harvest.  The silver powder coated tester features a push button switch with a green LED light ring and a specimen container.

The KMT-420 package includes a Taylor digital timer which gives you an option for standard timing or a reverse countdown.  The new Koster digital scale is also included which goes all the way down to a 0.01 % reading which provides you with the most accurate test result for chopping, drying and end use at dispensaries.

The Koster Moisture Tester is a useful and practical piece of  farm equipment. It is easy to operate and gives direct percentage readings of Dry Matter and Moisture content of dry grain, high moisture grain, hay, silage and other materials. The tester unit consists of a portable electric dryer having thermostatically controlled heat. Current requirement of 110 volt or a true 220 volt version. A screened bottom container (Specimen container) in which to weigh and dry the sample and a Koster Digital scale.


The Koster Moisture Tester will more than pay for itself when used on one small crop as it gives the necessary information to know when to harvest crops at their maximum nutritional value and assure safe storage and distribution.


Loss of Nutrients will occur when crops are ensiled with excess moisture content. The weep or drain-off contains valuable nutrients which are lost. Harvesting hay when the moisture content is too low will cause a heavy leaf drop-off which contains the most feeding value in the crop.

Maximum Digestible Nutrients
in crops can only be obtained by harvesting at the proper stage of growth and storing within a specific range of moisture content.

, necessary for the ensiling process, will not develop properly if the moisture content is above or below the recommended range.

can develop in grain or forage when they are stored with an excess of moisture content.

can take place during storage if the forage contains between 30% and 40% moisture. If combustion occurs, the forage will be lost and possibly the storage structure destroyed.

Balanced Rations
cannot be calculated or fed in the correct amounts unless the moisture content is known. The animals will be over or under fed, in which case they will not grow optimally, fatten economically or produce the maximum amount of milk.

Buying or Selling Forage
without knowing moisture content makes it impossible to establish the true value. The Producer is penalized if the moisture content is below the proper range for ensiling. The Buyer is penalized if the moisture content is above the recommended percentages.

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