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Koster Moisture Tester with Specimen Container


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Koster Moisture Tester: This moisture tester made of high-quality aluminum and powder coated in black.
Koster Specimen Container: This container is used to hold the sample you’re measuring.

The Koster Moisture Tester is a reliable and efficient solution for measuring moisture content of various materials. This bundle includes a high-quality aluminum, powder coated in black Koster Moisture Tester and a Specimen Container, providing everything you need for accurate and efficient moisture testing.

The Koster Moisture Tester is easy to use and comes with a specimen container that allows you to hold the sample you’re measuring. The specimen container is a convenient and easy-to-use container that is perfect for holding samples. The high-quality aluminum construction of the tester and the black powder coating provide a durable surface that is resistant to scratches and rust, making it ideal for use in the field or in a laboratory.

Regularly testing the moisture content of your yields is crucial for a number of reasons:

Excess moisture in stored grain or forage can lead to the growth of mold fungi. Nutrients can be lost when crops are ensiled with excess moisture, as the weep or drain-off contains valuable nutrients. Harvesting hay with too low of a moisture content can result in heavy leaf drop-off, which reduces the feeding value of the crop. Forage with moisture content between 30% and 40% can lead to storage combustion, potentially destroying both the forage and the storage structure. Ensiling process, a crucial step for crop fermentation, requires moisture content to be within a specific