If you want your best harvest, you need a Koster Moisture Tester

Koster Moisture Tester Cannabis Series


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  • The unit is silver metallic powder coated,
  • Comes with an LED push button on/off switch
  • Taylor timer is either countdown or timer, also a clock
  • Stringent internal assembly for the right heat
  • Koster Cannabis Heater, Specimen Container, Taylor timer, and Koster Digital Scale
  • Accurate to 0.01%

Proposed moisture readings for various humidity levels of processing and smoking:

Drying ends: 14-15%

Curing ends: 11-12%

Pleasant smoke: 10-12%

Harsh dry smoke: 10% or less

This unit is specific for collecting and accurately measuring the moisture content of cannabis.  You start with a 100-gram test, test your sample for 30 min check your numbers, re-test for another ten minutes, and when that final number does not change you have created your moisture content number to within 0.01%.