Moisture Testers for Nutritionists, Farmers and Educators

Koster’s Hay Moisture Tester: Boosting Crops Since 1948

As anyone involved in hay farming knows, getting the moisture right in your hay is crucial. Too much moisture and you’re looking at spoilage and mold; too little, and the hay loses its nutritional value and poses a risk for combustion. That’s where the Koster Moisture Tester comes in. It’s not just any hay moisture tester; it’s a versatile tool that accurately measures moisture to ensure your hay is just right. Plus, it’s handy for other moisture measurements you need around the farm too.

The Challenge Of Hay Moisture

Navigating the balance of moisture in hay is a job that keeps many farmers up at night. Too much moisture, and you’re courting disaster with mold and spoilage, risking not just the loss of your hard-earned crop but also the health of the animals that depend on it. On the flip side, hay that’s too dry loses its nutritional value, essentially becoming filler that doesn’t do much for your livestock. This is why having a reliable hay moisture tester isn’t just a luxury; it’s an absolute must.

Farmer feeding cows with fresh moisture controlled hay for optimal nutrition and care

The stakes go beyond quality and nutritional content. Maintaining hay moisture levels is a massive concern, too. Hay that’s too moist can heat up and, in some cases, spontaneously combust, posing a severe risk to your farm and everything on it. Precise moisture measurement allows for effective management of these risks, ensuring that your hay is stored safely and maintains its quality over time. Which is why a good quality hay moisture tester is key.

Introducing Koster’s Hay Moisture Tester

The Koster Moisture Tester isn’t just another tool in the shed; it’s a game-changer for anyone in the agricultural field. Here’s why it stands out:

Quick and Accurate Moisture Readings: Time is of the essence in farming, and the Koster moisture tester delivers fast, precise readings. This means you can make real-time decisions about your hay, ensuring it’s stored at just the right moisture level to maintain quality and safety.

Koster hay moisture tester being used in a hay field to ensure optimal hay quality and moisture levels

Portable Design for Field Testing: The beauty of Koster’s hay moisture tester lies in its portability. It’s designed to go wherever you go, making it perfect for on-the-spot testing in the fields. This eliminates the guesswork and lets you assess conditions on the fly, ensuring your hay meets the highest standards from the get-go.

Durable Construction for Long-Term Use: Built to last, our hay moisture tester withstands the daily knocks and bumps of farm life. Its durable construction means it’s a reliable companion season after season, offering consistent performance that you can count on.

Simple Operation, No Need for Specialized Training: Koster’s hay Moisture Tester is all about simplicity. Its user-friendly design means anyone can use it with ease, without the need for extensive training or technical skills. This ease of use translates to more efficient operations and, ultimately, better quality hay. Discover our detailed user manual to learn more about how it works.

Tractor harvesting hay, ensuring a plentiful harvest

With these standout features, the Koster Moisture Tester addresses the core needs of today’s farmers and agricultural professionals, offering a straightforward, reliable solution for managing hay moisture and more.

High-Quality Hay Production in Variable Weather Conditions

Nebraska’s unpredictable weather posed a significant challenge for John, a hay producer. With the Koster Moisture Tester, John was able to precisely monitor the moisture content of his hay, regardless of the weather. This precision allowed him to adjust his harvesting and storage practices on the fly, significantly reducing the risk of mold and spoilage. John’s testimonial: “The Koster Moisture Tester has been a game-changer for us. Our hay quality has never been better, and we’ve seen a noticeable decrease in waste. It’s like having a weather-proof plan for our hay.”

Hay covered in snow, highlighting the impact of winter weather on moisture levels

Benefits Beyond Hay

Grains and Cereals: For farmers who grow and store grains, maintaining the right moisture level is crucial for preventing spoilage and ensuring the highest quality product. The Koster Tester accurately measures moisture in various grains, aiding in optimal storage conditions and preserving nutritional value.

Wood and Building Materials: Moisture content is a key factor in the quality and longevity of wood and building materials. Whether you’re a craftsman, a construction professional, or managing a lumber yard, the Koster Tester helps ensure your materials are at the ideal moisture level, preventing warping, decay, and other moisture-related issues.

Soil Moisture Testing: Understanding soil moisture levels can help in making informed decisions regarding irrigation and planting. The Koster Moisture Tester can be used to gauge soil moisture, providing insights that can lead to more efficient water use and better crop yields.

A handful of moist soil, demonstrating varying moisture levels crucial for optimal agriculture

Feed and Silage: For livestock farmers, the moisture content of feed and silage directly impacts nutritional value and the risk of spoilage. Accurate moisture measurement with the Koster Tester can help manage these risks, ensuring livestock receive the highest quality feed.


The Koster Moisture Tester isn’t just about ensuring your hay is stored at the right moisture level—it’s a tool that revolutionizes farming efficiency and product quality across the board. Its precise, quick moisture readings mean you can say goodbye to the guesswork and risks of mold or spoilage, not just in hay but in a range of agricultural products.

Koster hay moisture tester in field. Key to every farmer's toolkit.

The Koster Moisture Tester does more than just perfect your hay—it’s an important tool that boosts product reliability, whether you’re working with grains, textiles, or building materials. It’s not just about quality; it’s about making every part of your work smoother and more dependable.

Ready to take your farming operations to the next level? Dive deeper into the world of precision agriculture with the Koster Moisture Tester. Visit Koster to learn more about how having a hay moisture tester is an essential tool can transform your approach to hay moisture management.