If you want your best harvest you need a Koster Moisture Tester.


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 The Koster Moisture Tester is a useful and practical piece of  farm equipment. It is easy to operate and gives direct percentage readings of Dry Matter and Moisture content of dry grain, high moisture grain, hay, silage and other materials. The tester unit consists of a portable electric dryer having thermostatically controlled heat. Current requirement of 110 volt or 220 volt. A screened bottom container (Specimen container) in which to weigh and dry the sample. Koster Digital scale that has the percentages of Dry Matter and Moisture down to 0.1%. 

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Through our story and our time in the business of helping farmers, you have come to the right site to get the best and most accurate tester on the market.

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Our Story...

 The Koster farm experience backed the need for an accurate and simple method of testing moisture in crops and was the basis for starting the manufacturing of the Koster Moisture Tester in 1948.

On a 290-acre farm in Wayne County, Ohio (40 miles S.W. of Cleveland), Ed Koster had a Holstein herd of approximately 100 head of which 75 were milkers. With a selective breeding program, it took five years to build a satisfactory herd, and even after that, low producers (under 30# daily and we considered them borders), were constantly weeded out. This procedure is very important in maintaining a high-grade herd and can be followed by any dairyman regardless of the size of the herd. Note, however, that our basic minimum would vary with the cost of feed and the price of milk. The herd averaged approximately 14,000# per lactation period, which back in the forties was considered a mighty fine average. The farm provided all the necessary feed required. The soil was a good quality loam correctly fertilized and limed. Eighty acres were allocated to alfalfa, which would supply the major source of protein. Forty acres were allocated to grain and the balance of usable land was for open pasture.

In 1986 at the age of 95 years, Ed Koster sold his company to the Faschian Family of Medina, Ohio. They are carrying on Ed’s tradition of a reliable product for a fair market price for over 40 years.