If you want your best harvest, you need a Koster Moisture Tester

Koster Moisture Tester Model “C” Heater


SKU: KMT-110-HEATCategories: Moisture Testers, Koster Products
  • Measures Moisture and Dry Matter Content of Silage, Forage, Corn, Grain, and More
  • Control Dry Matter Intake in TMRs (total mixed rations)
  • Accurate to 0.1% Moisture Content
  • Measures Moisture Content from 0% to 85%
  • 110 Volt plug-in unit
  • Standardized Internal Assembly
  • Powder coated finish
  • Koster Heater

Mold Fungi can develop in grain or forage when they are stored with an excess of moisture content.

Loss of Nutrients will occur when crops are ensiled with excess moisture content. The weep or drain-off contains valuable nutrients which are lost. Harvesting hay when the moisture content is too low will cause a heavy leaf drop-off which contains the most feeding value in the crop

Storage Combustion can take place during storage if forage contains between 30% and 40% moisture. If combustion occurs, the forage and possibly the storage structure can be destroyed.  A Hay Moisture Tester is an essential tool in any Crop Production Operation.  A Hay Moisture Test takes approximately 30 minutes.

Crop Fermentation is necessary for the ensiling process which will not develop properly if the moisture content is above or below the recommended range.

Feed Optimization can be balanced, mixed, or fed in the correct amounts when the moisture content is known. Which will prevent the animals from being over or under-fed, allowing them to grow and fatten optimally or produce the maximum amount of milk.

Buying and Selling without knowing moisture content make it impossible to establish the true value of grains, forage, and other commodities.