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Koster Moisture Tester Platinum Deluxe Bundle


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Platinum Koster Heater: Equipped with a sleek black powder-coated finish, designed for 110-volt power, and optimized with an LED push button on/off switch. This heater ensures consistent and precise heating with its standardized internal assembly.

Koster Digital Scale: This scale is used to accurately measure the weight of the sample and is USB chargeable. Cable included.

Koster Specimen Container: A dedicated vessel designed to hold the samples you’re measuring, ensuring they’re kept in prime condition during the testing process.

Fosmon Timer: Essential for tracking the duration of your tests, this timer ensures that every assessment is timed perfectly for consistent results.

The Koster Moisture Tester Platinum Deluxe Bundle– the ultimate combination of precision and efficiency for all your moisture content needs. Designed for those who seek top-tier performance and accuracy, this bundle integrates the best of both the Platinum and Deluxe sets, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse materials ranging from grains, corn, forage, and silage to wood, soybean, mushrooms, and leather.

In this Platinum Deluxe Bundle, you’ll find:

  • Platinum Koster Heater: Featuring a sleek black powder-coated finish, this heater is accentuated with an LED push-button on/off switch, ensuring ease of use. Its standardized internal assembly provides consistent and precise heating every time.
  • Koster Digital Scale: Now with the flexibility to be battery-powered or USB-powered, this scale offers the pinnacle of accuracy. Measuring weights with precision, it plays a vital role in determining moisture content.
  • Specimen Container: Crafted for convenience, this container is the perfect vessel for holding samples during the testing process.

It’s not just the hardware that makes this bundle stand out; its capabilities are unparalleled. With a measurement range of 0% to 85% moisture content and a precision of 0.1%, you’re equipped with a tool that diminishes the guesswork and amplifies accuracy.

Regularly monitoring the moisture content of your yields is paramount, and here’s why:

  • Prevent the growth of mold fungi by identifying excess moisture in stored grain or forage.
  • Mitigate nutrient loss during ensiling by detecting surplus moisture.
  • Ensure the optimal feeding value of hay by preventing heavy leaf drop-off due to low moisture content.
  • Avert potential storage combustion in forage with moisture content between 30% and 40%.
  • Achieve optimal ensiling results by maintaining the moisture content within the required range.
  • Enhance animal growth and productivity by ensuring the right moisture content of feed.

With the Koster Moisture Tester Platinum Deluxe Bundle, not only can you make informed decisions about storage and use of your crops, but you can also ascertain the true value of grains, forage, and other commodities in less than 30 minutes. Elevate your crop production operation with this indispensable tool, designed for those who prioritize both quality and efficiency.