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Koster Replacement Internal Assembly 220V


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Koster Replacement Internal Assembly 220V: This replacement internal assembly is designed for use with 220V power and can be used to replace the internal assembly in Koster moisture testers.

The Koster Replacement Internal Assembly 220V is a replacement part for Koster moisture testers that are designed for use with 220V power. This internal assembly is an essential component for achieving accurate moisture content readings and is designed to provide precise heating of the sample.

This replacement assembly is easy to install and is compatible with all Koster moisture testers that are designed for use with 220V power. The assembly includes all necessary components such as heating elements, thermocouples, and wiring, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for maintaining your Koster moisture tester.

Having a properly functioning internal assembly is crucial for accurate moisture content readings. The internal assembly of a moisture tester is responsible for heating the sample and providing accurate temperature readings. If the internal assembly is malfunctioning, the moisture tester will not provide accurate results.

By replacing the internal assembly of your Koster moisture tester with this replacement assembly, you can ensure that your moisture tester is functioning at its best and providing accurate results. This replacement assembly is ideal for use in crop production operations, laboratory testing, and more.